Regular Check-Up:  Preventive Care or Regular Maintenance is the most important aspect of looking after your teeth.  If you come to the dentist often and have your teeth cleaned and checked you will not be surprised by painful and inconvenient toothache which can really spoil your day.  By coming regularly the dentist can detect any problems or decay while it is still only small.  Having the trouble fixed before it gets out of hand can save you a lot of money, time and inconvenience.

Tooth Decay

We know from years of research that caries (tooth decay) is caused by bacteria in plaque.  Plaque is a thick and sticky film of bacteria that builds up on the teeth.  Plaque ccan harden to become calculus, known also as tartar.  Plaque and calculus are caused by poor oral hygiene; that is the teeth have not been cleaned thoroughly or often enough.  We now have a swab test available in Ausralia which measures bacterial activity in the mouth.  It is recommended at the hygiene/recall appointment.

Effective brushing and flossing reduces plaaque and thereby the number of bacteria that can harm the teeth and gums.  Despite good care some people still develop new cavities, because of persisten bacterial in the biofilm on the teeth.  This screening test will indicate if these bacteria are present so we can take the extra measures to reduce the number of a safe level before they damage the teeth.

Treatment consists of a specially developed mouth rinse, as well as effective brushing, flossing and a healthy diet.  After a period of approximately one month we repeat this screening test to confirm you are in the safe zone.

Gum Disease  -  Gingivitis can usually be treated successfully by removal of the plaque and calculus, followed by thorough but gentle cleaning (that is, flossing then brushing every day).

Periodontitis:  a severe form of gum disease, can cause serious damage to teeth and the gums, and bone that supports the teeth.  As a result teeth can become loose, fall out or require extraction by a dentist.

International Dental Research shows that bacteria growing on the surfaces of teeth can cause a reaction with your immune system that can make you lose the jaw bone around your teeth.  Some people lose so much jaw bone that their teeth become loose.  Only older bacteria cause this problem so the message is have your teeth cleaned often at lease at 6 monthly intervals and sometimes at 3 monthly intervals.  


1.  Red swollen, tender, painful or bleeding gums.

2.  Gums that have shrunk from the teeth.

3.  Persistent bad breath

4.  A bad taste in the mouth

5.  Abscesses between teeth and gums.

6.  The fit of a denture has changed.

7.  Loose teeth, drifing apart of teeth, and gaps appearing between teeth.

Benefits of treatment:  Stops or slows down the progression of gum disease.  Benefits include having:

1.  A mouth that feels, looks and is healthier.

2.  Teeth that feel smooth and look clean.

3.  A better chance of keeping your teeth for life.